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Ihle Strumpf GmbH

Stockings for highly sensitive feet

Made in Germany.

Protection at every turn.

Simply good on your feet: ihle® diabetic socks complete orthopaedic shoe care. The medical knitted fabric is as functional as a second skin. It fits like a glove, but at the same time offers sufficient freedom of movement and toe freedom. The specially developed cuff and selected materials prevent pressure points, inflammations or injuries.

Walking comfort in bright colours.

What use is a custom-made shoe if your sock wrinkles? ihle® encourages patients and orthopaedic shoe technicians to think orthopaedic shoe care beyond the shoe. That's why ihle® diabetic socks have neither a pinching seam nor other cutting parts.

Our products are available:

  • in various materials
  • in a wide range of colours
  • in different fits (from narrow to lymphoedema)
  • as socks for forefoot amputations (Lisfranc, Chopart, Pirogoff)