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Ihle Strumpf GmbH

Seamless functional medical knitwear

Made in Germany.

Cotton, angora or SENSICO®?
The main thing is quality!
In order for ihle® products to deliver what they promise, they must pass certain endurance tests. Which material is used depends solely on the needs of the wearer.



Robust, hard-wearing and breathable: cotton absorbs moisture well and withstands many washes. Good to know: If you have very sweaty feet, you should choose socks made of SENSICO®.


New wool

Perfect for cold feet: new wool offers excellent protection against the cold, balances out temperatures and acts as an air cushion (can store up to 50% of its own weight in air). Our tip: This material is ideal for rheumatics.



Fluffy fibre with climate control: angora wool balances and regulates temperature. At the same time, it absorbs moisture (up to 60% of its own weight) and gradually releases it to the outside. Important: rheumatics appreciate this material and its wearing comfort.



Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial: silver is valued as a reliable material in the treatment of wounds and infections. ihle® uses the properties of silver fibres to promote healing and reduce foot odour (caused by bacteria).



The fibre mix for that special feeling of well-being: 80% cotton and 20% Lyocell - that is SENSICO®. This combination eliminates bacteria and unpleasant odours. If your feet sweat a lot, you should wear socks made of SENSICO®.


Polyamide / Polyester

A must-have for sports: socks and stockings with polyamide/polyester content dry quickly, are extremely hard-wearing and keep their shape. Due to their structure, the soft synthetic fibres always wick moisture to the outside. ihle® everyday and sports products are available in a rainbow of colours.